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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
link meaning in tamil is தொடர்பு, இணைத்தல்

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They can click on the Todays Paper link in the beta site to go to the old website which has the archive from the year 2000. Sandeep Michael proved the weak link in the Airlines frontline missing a few chances and failing to carry on an attack initiated either by Dhanraj Vikram or Halappa. Pakistan Railways Minister Mian Shamim Haider told the upper house of Parliament on Saturday that preparations were in full swing to make the second rail link between Pakistan and India operational. In the aftermath of the revived dialogue process since January 2004 India and Pakistan agreed to reopen the rail link that was shut down after the 1965 war. They demanded a new railway line to link CoimbatoreMadhukkaraKozhinjamparaThrissur for the development of the region. Sadna Pass the only link between Srinagar and Tangdhar was closed due to heavy snowfall as three feet snow had accumulated in the area. He came to the college on December 28 and met his friends and boarded the Nizamuddin link express at 10 p.m. for Mahabubabad where his parents were staying. The threeyear HE Link Project he explained provided functional education by focussing on functional literacy health and hygiene information and communication technology skills and enhancing gender equity through leadership development. A fivefoot deep snowfall has been recorded at Sadhna top the highest link connecting Kashmir with Tangdhar. India and Pakistan have missed deadlines for reopening the Karachi and Mumbai consulates by the end of 2005 and restoring the MunabaoKhokhrapar rail link between Rajasthan and Sindh by January 1 2006.