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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
linguistic meaning in tamil is மொழியியல்

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Heading into 2006 the committee has targeted such linguistic gems as hunker down which it noted is used by media in reports about everything from politics to hurricanes. Also frequently heard on the news is person of interest a favourite of law enforcement agencies. Bangarappa said that beauty of the Indian cultural milieu was that it allowed all shades of thought and practices not only to exist but also grow with the people maintaining their own cultural linguistic and regional identities. There are 13 minority medical colleges in the State eight linguistic and five religious institutions. They had hoped to find jobs after passing the Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board Test PLAB 151 a mandatory requirement for all immigrant doctors 151 but most of them are still unemployed months after passing the test. Utkal Gujarati Rajasthani Bengali and other linguistic associations had been asked to put up stalls with traditional decorations and serve their popular cuisine to Vizagites and tourists he said and added that efforts would also be made to serve some tribal dishes. The university situated in the linguistic trijunction of Andhra Pradesh Tamil Nadu and Karnataka takes up research related to language literature history culture philosophy religion arts and aesthetics science and technology of the region. Protesting the exclusion of minority institutions from the ambit of the Constitution Amendment many parties sought a clear definition of the term minority as it applies to both religious and linguistic minorities.