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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
linguist meaning in tamil is மொழியியலாளர்

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The seminar is being organised to honour renowned linguist T.B. Venugopalapanicker who is retiring from Calicut University. The results were seen as upholding linguist Noam Chomskys theory that recursive grammar is uniquely human and key to the facility to acquire language. Mysore City Congress spokesperson T.S. Ravishankar has criticised linguist Lingadevaru Halemane for ignoring several facts and contributions of the Wadiyar family in his script for the sound and light show to be organised at the Mysore Palace. The motive with which you learn a foreign language influences your mastery over it said Murari a linguist who has learnt French Spanish and is currently learning German. Thakur said P.V. Narasimha Rao was one of the great Prime Ministers of India and should not only be assessed by the offices he held but by his manyfaceted personality as a writer poet linguist and thinker with broad perspectives. Removal of noted poet and linguist Puttaparthi Narayanacharyulus statue from Puttaparthi centre in Proddatur town on Saturday by municipal officials led to protests in Kadapa Proddatur and other places in Kadapa towns. The Special Clinic for Stuttering attached to the MERF Institute of Speech and Hearing will have a team of specialists comprising speech pathologist clinical psychologist linguist and audiologist. Aloysius DSouza priest of Balehonnur Church Pratap Nayak linguist from Goa Edward Nazareth secretary of the committee and members of the academy would participate the press release said.