limp meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
limp meaning in tamil is நொண்டுதல்

limp meaning in tamil with example

limp tamil meaning and more example for limp will be given in tamil.
A muchanticipated muscular joust between ambitious teenagers out to claim reputations was replaced by a limp duel laced with ugly shotmaking too many points prematurely amputated by mistakes. The hopes in liberal Iranian circles that France Germany and Britain would come up with a credible formula for the resolution of the nuclear question were dashed when the E3 produced their limp proposal of August 5. He has just knocked out Johansson to regain the title and he actually carried or dragged the limp body of Johansson back to his corner. The distorted and deformed faces the frail splashes of colours and the limp images of naked women striking various postures all leave behind this unsettling feeling in the minds. So the U.N. will limp along caught between the ambitiousness of its original design and the blunt fact that the world order remains one in which egotistical great powers still play a disproportionate role especially in protecting their own interests. Brief but heavy showers two hours before the start of the match was no reason for Delhi to limp on a heavy field at the Sector 12 Sports Complex. Viva wasnt willing to concede the game yet and regrouped its attack despite Baba being marked for special treatment by the Salgoacar defenders the Nigerian had to limp off the ground twice. A senior police official said the bombers severed head was found and he looked like an Afghan. Television footage from the spot showed the Minister in a dazed condition after the explosion but he managed to limp to his car.