limitation meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
limitation meaning in tamil is விளிம்பு

limitation meaning in tamil with example

limitation tamil meaning and more example for limitation will be given in tamil.
But RTC buses cars and twowheelers will be allowed with time limitation in accordance with the VVIP programme. Orthopaedic surgeon Prashant told presspersons that young and active patients with persistent hip pain not responding to painkillers or physiotherapy with limitation of movements because of arthritis benefit from this surgery. The Ambassador drew gasps from the crowd when he pointed out that the limitation for gifts received by U.N. employees had recently been reduced to 250 from 10000. Due to domination of English language there is limitation for Indians particularly Tamils in using computer. The limitation of the plasma aquarium could be that the water volume will be less and hence only smaller species of fish could be displayed. The threshold requirement that a person should not have agricultural income was prima facie unnecessary because of the constitutional limitation in taxing agricultural income. With subjects taking the shape of multifarious specialisations the course content which could not be integrated into postgraduate programmes owing to limitation of time could be offered at the level of M.Phil. However the service was suspended till night reportedly after the crew had surpassed the Flight and Duty Time Limitation FTL put in place to avoid pilot fatigue. Despite their obvious value in economic planning and development the census data have one limitation in that they do not cover plantation and crop production activities. Not bound by the limitation of the number of seats like in conventional colleges SOL lives up to the spirit of providing higher education to students who have fulfilled the minimum percentage of marks required by Delhi University.