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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
limestone meaning in tamil is சுண்ணாம்புக் கல்

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The Assembly Committee headed by Aryanadan Mohammed in 2004 had directed the MCL to approach the Tamil Nadu Government to get sanction to mine limestone from their area. Belgaum Minerals a proprietary company formed in 2002 produces aluminous laterite for cement industries situated in what is known as the Bhima Limestone Corridor between Tandur Wadi Gulbarga and nearby areas between Raichur and Gulbarga districts. Kadapa district is bestowed with vast natural resources and mineral reserves such as barytes limestone and iron ore and has the potential to set up exportoriented units in diversified sectors Collector G. The limestone sarcophagus was accidentally found by construction workers last week in a tomb near the village of Kouklia in the coastal Paphos district. The river a hub of biodiversity has landscapes comprising the limestone rocks at Yana the waterfalls of Unchalli Devimane and Doddamane valleys and the Tadadi estuary. The 40yearold company has 45 mines of iron ore chromite limestone dolomite magnesite china clay and quartz apart from major coloured granites such as Ilkal Red Mudgal multicolour and Juprana from Kanakapura and black granite from Chamarajnagar and Kanakapura. Most native inhabitants of the town take part religiously by smearing coal powder kumkum limestone paste etc. Also in line with its strategy of owning key raw material sources in 200506 the company met 25 per cent of the limestone requirements from a joint venture and in the current year this was likely to meet half of its requirements he said.