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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
lime meaning in tamil is சுண்ணாம்பு

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As per the farmers acceptance the compensation for mango coconut citrus and sweet lime plants was hiked considerably. 95000 for land in Pulivendula Kamalapuram Mydukur Badvel Kadapa and Proddatur constituencies where farmers raised sweet lime plantations and sunk four to 10 borewells was grossly inadequate. These compartments held water milk curd turmeric vermilion kumkum navathaniyam gomium cow urine thirumanjanam and lime powder. Cool pavements Pilgrims to Shravanabelagola may soon have pavements made using lime that will be cool and comfortable to walk on even during peak summer. Meanwhile officials of Mining Department seized two lorries which were allegedly transporting lime from Pellakur mandal limits. The dam having a length of 1200 feet and a height of 176 feet was made of uncoursed rubble masonry in lime mortar on the front and rear faces. Niranjan said that the KVIB had promoted certain granite processing units in Prakasam district and lime and flyash brick units in some other places. The State Government has also increased the relief amount provided in case of loss of other crops trees In cases of mango orange and lime trees the amount has been increased from Rs. It has been proposed to supply agricultural lime to 25000 farmers at 50 per cent subsidy at a cost of Rs. 1.06 crore to sanction Rs. Sourcing locally available material the ASI team replastered the entire interior with pure lime mortar in three layers completely eschewing the use of cement. The lime mortar was mixed with jaggery and gallnut water and the final coat was mixed with eggshells.