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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
lily meaning in tamil is அல்லி

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Describing the beauty of Urdu he said the language came into being when a moons beam coyly asked a lily bud to merge into a thought. The Lily Pond near the old Moore Market complex and the Madras Medical College hostel ground cannot hold as many people. In the canvas April Satheesh depicts a woman stepping out of a lily that is just opening and in the canvas Gossip he has the face of two women merged together as they focus on gossiping while a man looks on from a distance. The 4.5acre garden situated behind the Lily Pond Moore Market complex near Chennai Central Railway station was in a state of ruin till last year. A Bench consisting of Justices Ruma Pal and Markandey Katju rejected the plea by Lily Thomas an advocate for a direction to the Centre to make uniform marriage laws for all communities. Asha Nivas Community Welfare Officer Lily Josephine said that children develop a sense of duty when responsibility is given to them. He has portrayed the lily pond clusters of laburnum kalankori a tiny fish generally seen in the streams of Malabar coast besides showing the resilience of Indian womanhood and the plight of Indian farmers. Peter chairman of the managing committee and Lily Regis director gave away prizes to winners of sports and painting competitions. Eli Lily Company India on Tuesday announced the launch of ALIMTA pemetrexed disodium for use in combination with cisplatin for the treatment of patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma MPM a rare type of cancer. The Metropolitan Transport Corporation MTC has sought land near the Lily Pond shopping complex off the Central railway station for a mini terminus.