lift meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
lift meaning in tamil is தூக்குதல், மின்தூக்கி

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lift tamil meaning and more example for lift will be given in tamil.
K.N. Subramanian a farmer who was present urged the State Government to lift the ban on chewing tobacco as many farmers in the district raised tobacco and they were not able to market the same. Century by Ashish Ashish Reddy scored 146 to help VPCA to lift the under 15 title by defeating DCA by 99 runs in the Santa Cup juniors cricket tournament conducted by Vijay Paul Cricket Academy here on Saturday. Rajasekhara Reddy on Saturday laid the foundation for two major lift irrigation projects Indirasagar and Rajiv Sagar aimed at diverting Godavari waters for extending irrigation facility to over four lakh acres in Khammam Krishna and West Godavari districta with an outlay of Rs. He said people in the region could enjoy the fruits of the two lift schemes very soon as they would be would be completed under a timebound programme. Ramana has said that they would organise a padayatra from the Pranahita river to Chevella in Ranga Reddy district on January 28 demanding the completion of scheme to lift Pranahita waters to Yellampalli project and to the upland regions of the district. He welcomed the Government decision for constructing two major lift irrigation schemes on Godavari for irrigating 4 lakh acres in Khammam West Godavari and Krishna districts. Funding sources He wanted the Government to spell out the funding sources for the implementation of the Rajiv Sagar and Indira Sagar lift schemes. According to the complainant she was on her way back home after buying vegetables from the local market when her distant relative Vikram aka Sonu offered her a lift in his Maruti car.