lifelong meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
lifelong meaning in tamil is வாழ்நாள் முழுவதும் நீடித்துள்ள, வாழ்நாள் பூராகவும்

lifelong meaning in tamil with example

lifelong tamil meaning and more example for lifelong will be given in tamil.
After introducing prepaid mobile connections with lifelong validity Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited has now decided to launch a similar scheme for its postpaid Dolphin subscribers that require just a onetime payment of Rs.800 for a lifelong rentfree postpaid connection. Features Explaining about the Excel Anant he said that the subscriber could receive calls lifelong without further payment. The day reminded Gandhis sustained campaign for acceptance of leprosy as any other disease as well as his lifelong struggle for its eradication. It is certainly ironic that the Bharatiya Janata Party has returned to conventional Hindutva at a juncture when the ideologys lifelong champion has repeatedly recorded his serious caveats. A repair is preferred over a replacement as unlike in the cases of the latter the patient does not require lifelong blood thinning drugs after surgery said Dr. This time the offer is European Masters programme in Lifelong Learning conducted by the Danish University of Education in association with the London Institute of Education and Deusto University Bilbao. The consortium which is led by the Danish University of Education will offer a twoyear European Masters in Lifelong Learning Policy and Management MA LLL as of September 2006. Though hypertension is a chronic disease which requires lifelong treatment patients often discontinue treatment as soon as their blood pressure levels normalise. These units are for people aged 50 and above who will have lifelong occupancy rights on payment of a lump sum.