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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
life meaning in tamil is உயிர் வாழ்க்கை

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life tamil meaning and more example for life will be given in tamil.
He is keen on taking up translation of works depicting the facets of Malayali life and the ones that have left an indelible mark on the literature in this part of the country. With two exposure visits by select Members of Parliament 151 first to Bangalore and then to Jaipur 151 ICPRD has shown that peoples representatives can well be social activists aspiring to create a better life for the vulnerable sections. Seen as pathbreaker The MPs who acknowledged their predilections in public life with the requirement of fulfilling populist demands from the electorate said the initiative would serve as a pathbreaker. The State which has gained notoriety for the defections that have become a common feature of the political life here witnessed a spurt in splits and crossovers which hurt the BJP the most. Thus a book was born chronicling the life of an entire class of people who spent their lives at the mercy of their foreign employers in a land completely alien to them. It is hardly a remarkable piece of fiction and as Muthammal herself says the book is just a spontaneous recollection of the events that made her life what it is. Philip with the objective of honouring those who carry out exemplary acts in their daily life beyond the call of duty. In his message the President said As we enter into the New Year 2006 let us resolve to excel in whatever we do whatever may be our mission or our life or profession or task in which we are engaged. 5 Enjoy life more Given the hectic stressful lifestyles of millions it is no wonder that enjoying life more has become a popular resolution in recent years.