liberalization meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
liberalization meaning in tamil is தராளமயமக்குதல்

liberalization meaning in tamil with example

liberalization tamil meaning and more example for liberalization will be given in tamil.
With SAFTA now in place the region is all set to reap the real benefits of regional trade liberalization on the pattern of other trading blocs it said. We used to export wheat and now we are forced to import the commodity she said attributing the situation to the effects of liberalization and free market economy. At the start of financial liberalization in India SBIs image took a severe beating in the form of the securities scam in 199192.The bank took most of the blame although more balanced reviews subsequently held that it had been made a scapegoat. The party has made clear its opposition to the recommendations relating to greater liberalization of inflows and outflows of capital.