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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
liability meaning in tamil is கடமை

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It also revealed that corporate tax liability of other business houses besides the top 50 in the private sector rose to Rs.4340 crores from Rs.2050 crores during the same period. The private sector as a whole including all types of ownerships excluding foreign increased their corporate tax liability by 138 per cent at Rs.16809 crores against Rs.7068 crores during the last four years. An ITGI release said on Friday that it would not henceforth have any liability on the purchase of KRIBHCO fertiliser. State of Bihar 154 ITR 64 has held that the connection must be a real one and the liability sought to be imposed must be pertinent to that connection. No liability Henceforth ITGI insurance products will not have any liability on any KRIBHCO product. Besides the above there was an exceptional income of Rs. 6.65 crore representing remission in liability arising out of repayment of some of the existing debts in excess of interest accrued during the financial year due to settlement effected during this quarter. The bank further says that fullscale audit has been taken up for the whole bank to look into the adherence to KYC and asset management liability AML guidelines and corrective measures are being taken. On limited liability partnerships LLPs he said the Ministry had floated a consultation paper and the issue would be referred to an advisory committee after the consultation process was over. Reasons vague Pointing out that the Trust had not submitted any material or detailed statements to show as to how the liability swelled up to a huge amount Ms.