kite meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
kite meaning in tamil is பட்டம், காற்றாடி

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Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi flying a kite after inaugurating the international kite flying festival on the Sabarmati coast in Ahmedabad on Thursday. Most Cabinet Ministers were asked to be present at the kite festival being held as part of the Vibrant Gujarat celebrations. Tragedy clouded the runup to Sankranti festival in a family when a sevenyearold boy suffered 40 per cent burns while removing a kite from hightension wires in Gandhinagar on Thursday. Rushikesh Yadav was flying a kite atop his house in Krishnanagar Colony of Bholakpur around 3.30 p.m. when it got stuck in 33 kv electric lines. Sankranti celebrations at Ramoji Film City Ramoji Film City will be hosting rangoli and kite flying competitions to mark Sankranti celebrations from January 13 to 15. The entry is free for all participants in the Visakha Kite Festival2006 being organised by Bala Vikas Foundation BVF under the aegis of MGM Selvee World according to BVF foundersecretary Narava Prakasa Rao. The sky was transformed into a multitude of colours as the participants in the kite festival held at MGM Selvee World here on Sunday flew their kites high into the sky. The programme was organised by Bala Vikas Foundation under the aegis of MGM Selvee World in association with the Visakhapatnam Flying Kite Association. A beach utsav that included display of fireworks and a kite and food festival were held on Saturday and Sunday. This kite which was spread over 26500 square feet in Lal Bahadur Stadium and which measured over 160x160 feet was reportedly longer than any kite known in local kiting history.