kind meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
kind meaning in tamil is தினுசு, இளகிய மனம்

kind meaning in tamil with example

kind tamil meaning and more example for kind will be given in tamil.
Requiring 25 million megabytes of memory the Millennium Simulation a collaboration between British German U.S. and Canadian astrophysicists is the biggest exercise of its kind 151 to simulate the birth and evolution of the universe. King Carlos meanwhile looks likely to have a numbertwo seeded encounter of the Radek Stepanek kind in the semifinals. He beats them all in elections only to find things getting murkier just the kind of story a teenager would write on a bad day. There is that kind of knowledge that one can acquire with ones efforts 151 the knowledge gained by the use of Godgiven faculties such as senses intellect etc. There likely will be a national debate about whether the President really has the kind of power hes been using Mr. The kind of attention that was paid to curb naxalism was not being given to tackle this type of terrorism and accused the Government of pursuing votebank politics. Controlled conditions Though growing any kind of flower under controlled climatic conditions was possible in a greenhouse the cost of production would be quite high compared to cultivation in the open. The 30th Ashwamedha Gayatri Mahayagya of the All World Gayatri Pariwar Shantikunj Haridwar Uttaranchal a first of its kind in Tamil Nadu drew to a close on New Years Day. The package is envisaged to better the quality SHG members lives and a first of its kind in the State targeting SHG members. The sad part is that this kind of dumping takes place even in areas where residents protest against ferrying garbage in open trucks and indiscriminate dumping and burning of waste.