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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
kilo meaning in tamil is கிலோ மெட்றிக் அளவை முறை)

kilo meaning in tamil with example

kilo tamil meaning and more example for kilo will be given in tamil.
She receives 80 centavos for every kilo of hangers and the family survive off the monthly income of about R500. A permanent unit capable of processing five kilo biodegradable waste each day and generating three hours of biogas and a mobile unit with the capacity for treating 3 kg waste. Transporting a kilo of bananas to the Gulf via air cost Rs.60 whereas transporting it via the sea costs just Rs.20 said Mr. The administration was distributing the 15600 tonnes of rice 1950 tonnes of sugar 460 tonnes of wheat and 2820 kilo litres of kerosene through the PDS system to 9.34 lakh family cardholders in the district in a month it added. Rajendra and General Officer Commanding Kilo Force Major General N K Singh visited Dhudipora and distributed an ex gratia relief of Rs 3 lakh each to the families of the civilian victims. Tamil Nadu was given the right to produce electricity using the water for a rent of Rs.12 per kilo Watt year kWy. has entered into an agreement with BPCL HPCL and CPCL for supply of 5942 kilo litres of ethanol in eight months for their depots at Kadapa Ongole and Guntakal. The ideal fuel should have a calorific value around 1100 kilo calories per metre cube of gas produced. Tomato price has been unstable during the past two months and crashed to less than 50 paise a kilo on Monday. Madhava Murthy Hyderabad The promise of providing three measures of rice for Re.1 is back now modified as a kilo of quality rice for Rs.2. Has the DMK evolved any plan on how to go about implementing its promises.