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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
kiln meaning in tamil is சூளை

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Manoharan43 of Landakottai belonging to Theni district were working in a brick kiln at Balarajapuram near Valayalkaranputhur. Being offered in vibrant colours including ruby red Indian blue aubergine mauve ash grey saffron fuchsia magenta kiln brown Jattinn claims that this very chic range was greatly appreciated in which he used images of a maharaja of the princely State of Rajasthan. Once the required number of bricks is cast they are arranged in the kiln and burned to a uniform consistency. The association asked the State Government to declare the brick kiln industry as a traditional industry. According to brick kiln owners the rain during October and November last year has made dry lands fertile. The owners say that sometimes though they stop work at the kiln due to nonavailability of raw materials they have to pay wages to the workers. Excise duty The brick kiln owners say that in the recent Union Budget proposals 16 per cent excise duty was levied on bricks and because of this the industry will be affected. Aftab Ansari 30 a brick kiln worker had been ordered by a village moulvi to separate from his wife Sohela after 11 years of marriage for having uttered talaq thrice in his sleep on December 20. 151 Special Correspondent Two brick kiln workers run over HOSU. Two workers who were sleeping in a brick kiln were run over by a lorry at Mathigiri near here on Sunday. According to police Gopi and Annamalai were sleeping in the kiln of one Prakash after completing some work when a lorry driver without noticing that the two workers were sleeping reportedly drove the vehicle in the kiln crushing both of them to death.