kill meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
kill meaning in tamil is கொல்

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Bose in a press release here alleged that the police were behind the formation of private armies like Cobras and using them to kill leaders of rights activists. Two arrested The Hubli Police have arrested two persons on charges of attempting to kill a woman at Gowli Galli in Dajibanpet here. Frustrated over the indifferent attitude of her husband a housewife tried to kill herself along with her son but the bid ended up in the death of her 13monthold son who got drowned in the Ramanthapur lake here on Thursday. Arjunas dejection in the battlefield assumed a moral dimension when he raised the issue of having to kill his own kinsmen and elders. Along with Deepakraj Vishal Shelly and Shaji he waylaid the businessman near Hoige Bazar and tried to kill him. He along with Shelly barged into a house of John Luis at Brahmavara on December 17 last and opened fire to kill him. In fact skies resembled the crowded streets of the city with kites jostling for space like vehicles and kite fliers in hot pursuit for their very own territory and yes that big kill in the azure firmament. Regardless of the Americans willingness to share intelligence with us it isnt part of the deal that they violate Pakistans territory and kill Pakistani citizens to boot it said. Carroll appearing pale and tired also included a threat to kill the 28yearold freelance writer in 72 hours if U.S. authorities did not release all Iraqi women in military custody. The blasts occurred as the mother of abducted American reporter Jill Carroll appealed for her daughters release after her captors threatened to kill her if U.S. authorities dont release all Iraqi women in military custody.