kidnapper meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
kidnapper meaning in tamil is கடத்தற்காரன்

kidnapper meaning in tamil with example

kidnapper tamil meaning and more example for kidnapper will be given in tamil.
We continued our searches till late in the night and apparently on learning this the kidnapper set him free the Inspector explained. The AntiGoonda Squad of city police went to Tadepalligudem and brought the girl and the alleged kidnapper who was identified as Thota Ravi of Eluru an accused in a murder case to the city. A 16yearold girl from Gudiyatham Vellore district managed to escape from her kidnapper who claimed to be in love with her. Gangaram was left at home by his mother Padma who went to fetch water from a nearby public tap while his father Mallesh went to have tea at a stall near Sundaraiah Park when the kidnapper posing as a relative went inside and escaped with the child in a white Ambassador car. Outsmarted A morning walker Krishna tried to prevent the kidnapper from taking the baby but the person claimed to be Padmas relative and vanished with the boy. We have not arrested anyone since the corporator told us that he arrived at an understanding with the alleged kidnapper Aravind Kumar Goud Nallakunta Inspector P. However the police arrested the alleged kidnapper Tirumalesh Naidu and registered cases against the followers of Ch. A real estate businessman and his friend hailing from Vijayawada were rescued from the captivity of a sixmember kidnapper gang near Ramoji Film City RFC on Sunday. If Konkona is suitably scared and helpless at trying to save her girl Irrfan as the kidnapper marries subtlety to his craft. When the vehicle came near Shapet the wristwatch of a kidnapper fell and they stopped the vehicle to collect it.