keyboard meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
keyboard meaning in tamil is இசைக்கருவி

keyboard meaning in tamil with example

keyboard tamil meaning and more example for keyboard will be given in tamil.
The festival began with little fingers playing the mridangam ghatam kanjira keyboard and violin to explain the Pancha Raga Lakshana Vivarana Vimarshana. There were the numbers like Bird of Prey Easy Livin and Gypsy which were all about speed guitar and powerful riffs while If I Had Time a ballad with just vocals and the keyboard was more of the melodic tunes the band is famous for. For those who are not familiar with the computer keyboard can key in alphabets with the help of mouse. To their surprise the police found the CDs under the keyboard of the PC no.9 and took the lab incharge into custody for questioning. Mouseless browsing As mentioned in the past if you use the keyboard more often than the mouse you can speed up the work and avoid inflicting pain on your wrist. In this regard check out the piece on Mouseless Firefox httpwww.lifehacker.comsoftwarefeaturehackattackmouselessfirefox139495.php that describes several useful keyboard shortcuts for browsing with Firefox. Placing the mouse next to the keyboard and typing without resting your wrist on the keyboard relaxes wrist and muscles he explained. Harald Fuhrmann Because of globalisation everything seems so small that people often think that they can click the computer keyboard and know everything. Dick Lampman Senior Vice President Research HP and Director HP Labs and Ajay Gupta Director Mobility Solutions at the launch of gesturebased keyboard in Bangalore on Wednesday. The gesturebased keyboard GKB developed by researchers at HP Labs India also holds the potential for Indian languages derived from the Devanagari 151 Tamil scripts and Kannada scripts 151 to be used in a similar manner.