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According to a website on drug enforcement Ketamine is known as K or Ket in the streets of Colombo Kuala Lumpur the United States and Bangkok. The website reports that the abuse of ketamine as a party drug has been on the increase among the youth in these countries. Another website on the abuse of Ketamine says that the drug causes dissociation in the user and its effects range from rapture and paranoia to extreme boredom. High doses of the drug could knock the user into a coma. An official of the Narcotic Control Bureau said instances of abuse of ketamine has been far and few in India. However there were unconfirmed reports that the abuse of ketamine along with another chemical known as ecstasy was on the increase among the urban middle class in some parts of the country. The seizure of ketamine by the DRI has prompted various enforcement agencies to take a hard look at the current drug abuse pattern in Kerala. The interception opens up possibilities of a new route in the smuggling of club drugs like ketamine and narcotics the DRI officials said. Officers say the manner of concealment was also ingenious with polythene bags containing white ketamine powder tucked inside the cavity of grindstones. Further investigations would be centred on the domestic sources of ketamine and the trail to Hong Kong officials said. Officials who inspected their baggage found 78.8 kg of ketamine hydrochloride an anaesthetic often abused by youth as a party drug in Malaysia and the U.S. The drug is valued at more than Rs.15 crore in the foreign market.