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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
kernel meaning in tamil is பழம்) விதை

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Goa has decided to focus on cashew cultivation in the year 200506 under the Horticulture Mission to cope with the continued shortage of local cashew kernel supplies leaving the States processing capacity highly underutilised. As against a processing capacity of around 20000 tonnes a year in 33 processing units the State presently processes 3000 tonnes of local kernel during OctoberNovember and around 7000 tonnes procured from Karnataka Kerala and Maharashtra from November to February. The farmers would be advised to desist from using synthethics and instead spray neem seed kernel extract and neem oil. Noting that deadlines have been set and repeatedly missed they contended that a consensus could be reached only if development was made the kernel of the negotiating round and the principle of special and differential treatment incorporated integrally in all aspects. He has recommended the use of organic fertilizers biopesticides and safer insecticides such as neem kernel suspension and kerosene emulsion. Similarly the export of cashew kernel through the Kochi port stood at 0.57 lakh tonnes in 200001 and it went up to 1.08 lakh tonnes in 200506 provisional figures. Three tribals of Gondilova in Kurupam mandal who reportedly consumed ambali gruel prepared of mango kernel on Wednesday evening have died while the condition of a tribal woman Nimmaka Kalavathi 30 is said to be serious according to sources in Parvathipuram area hospital. The District Society and Marketing Service DSMS has initiated steps to provide marketing for the cashew kernel processed by the women members of the selfhelp groups SHGs.