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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
kerb meaning in tamil is ஓரக்கல், சாலையோரக்கல்

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The demonstrators who were standing on the road kerb till the arrival of lens men came on to the carriageway and blocked a bus passing through to help the photographers and video cameramen record the event more vividly. Compulsion to park on the kerb also raises the risk of theft and vandalism besides the threat of policing penalties. She fell on a kerb stone and suffered bleeding injuries on her head and died on the spot police said. While roads are filled with vehicles the area around the kerb has two three and four wheelers parked cheek by jowl. The car rammed into cement concrete pipes and boulders that were discarded on the road kerb causing injuries to the occupants. The kerb of the road has not been marked with bright yellow paint and potholes dot the edge of the tarred portion posing danger to vehicles moving along the slowtrack.