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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
job meaning in tamil is வேலை,உத்தியோகம், தொழில்

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All these show that the Chief Minister who also holds the Home portfolio has failed to implement the laws effectively or get the police do their job effectively. He first took over as BJP president in 1986 after two consecutive tenures were given to Atal Bihari Vajpayee after six years in that position till 1986 he returned to the top job in 1993 and kept it till 1998 when he became part of the Vajpayee Government. DICK district president M.J. Job and party workers accorded a rousing reception to the yatra at Parumala from where the yatra entered the district. On the reservation in job and educational opportunities in both government and private sectors the convention said the reservation policy should be on the basis of the population of the community concerned. K.S. Ravichandran Coimbatore T.N. It is a mistake if not a blunder to think that countering terrorism is just the job of the police. For Usha another student who has been placed in Infosys the New Year means a new job and spending all the salary on buying gifts for parents. I dont want to save anything from my first salary I want to give them everything. She has a companion in Kavitha whose plans echo a similar goal This year I want to work hard get a good job and want to make my parents happy. Get organised. We wish all these Servicemen the sublime satisfaction of a job well done and then a safe return home and a happy reunion with their families and friends. Our beneficiaries do not merely create wealth but throw open manifold job opportunities for other underprivileged Ms.