irony meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
irony meaning in tamil is வஞ்சப் புகழ்ச்சி, எதிர்வான கருத்து

irony meaning in tamil with example

irony tamil meaning and more example for irony will be given in tamil.
It is an irony that a coalition was born 19 months ago between parties that fought against each other. The irony of the Maharaj then seeking the help of the National Human Rights Commission was mostly lost on the media. Airport sources said it is an irony that foundation stone for the container transhipment terminal at Vizhinjam conceived much after the terminal project is being laid by Dr. Now the supreme irony is that when a bouncy green wicket has been made the speedster is struggling with his ankle and his captain InzamamulHaq will also be carrying an injury. But the irony is that even the lanterns would not be able to throw any light on the power shortage for want of kerosene said State BJP chief Nitin Gadkari. The irony is this poor form of bullfight is being promoted as a tourist attraction in many parts of Tamil Nadu. It is an irony that all nuclear weapon states stood together against a country which sought to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes. Planning Coordinator of HIV Care and Support Centre Chandrasekhar who was chief guest said it is an irony that India which gave the message Health is Wealth to the world is ridden with diseases. The supreme irony is that one of the strongest concerns expressed by the globizens was the environment. The irony is that basic amenities for the Tamil would be the responsibility of the local body headed by us an EPDP official said. And there is an underlying layer of melancholy that adds a touch of irony to the events as Patekar plays a taxi driver after quitting 23 jobs in 15 years.