irate meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
irate meaning in tamil is கோபமான

irate meaning in tamil with example

irate tamil meaning and more example for irate will be given in tamil.
Phares Asservadam alleged that an irate mob consisting of 150 members allegedly attacked a group of Bharat Bible College BBC students and Pastor Aharon levelling false allegations that he was converting people into Christianity. Though the department announced compensation to the farmers irate villagers blamed it for failing to take action to chase the elephants back into the forests. Confronted by the irate crowd the policemen claimed that they were only issuing challans after collecting fine from those motorists who did not have the complete set of documents. Meanwhile an irate Akhtar has threatened legal action against people trying to tarnish his name with chucking allegations. As the irate mob went berserk in protest against the delay in announcing increased compensation the police used mild force to disperse them. Train detained Irate passengers detained the NagercoilCoimbatore passenger train at Tirupur Railway Station on Wednesday evening protesting against the temporary suspension of train service from Thursday. As the situation returned to normal in the old city the police and people debated if the failure to check an irate crowd from surging towards Gulzar Houz led to violence on Friday. The irate students did not allow college Director Obul Reddy to enter the campus and told him that the agitation would continue till the principal tendered his resignation. Her irate husband reportedly registered his strong protest with the station master against the delay in completing the works.