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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
inventory meaning in tamil is சரக்குகளின் விவரப்பட்டியல்

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For others it is a question of reducing the inventory of older stocks with newer models of appliances due soon. The spatial information developed under the project will not only include large scale spatial database but also a detailed inventory of natural resources groundwater potential etc. Supreme Court order The Supreme Courts order of October 14 2003 on ship breaking Article 13 states A complete inventory of hazardous material on board of ship should be made mandatory for the ship owner. The fact that no inventory has been provided does not surprise me said Dr Annie ThebaudMony an expert on workrelated illnesses who testified before the committee on behalf of Ban Asbestos and other international NGOs. Had you done this you would have been obliged to table these data alongside the annexures in your testimony before the Supreme Court Monitoring Committee... This detailed inventory of risks is obligatory in the framework of the Basel Convention the letter says. India has an estimated total inventory of unsafeguarded plutonium stockpile of about 10 tonnes by reprocessing of the spent fuel from the unsafeguarded pressurised heavy water reactors PHWRs. Sources close to the Supreme Court Monitoring Committee told this reporter that France had still been unable to produce a detailed inventory of where the asbestos was located on board the ship. France has still to produce a detailed inventory of where the asbestos was located on the ship as per Indian Supreme Court rules. A highlevel French official earlier this week suggested it was impossible to make an inventory given that the asbestos was built into the structure and therefore impossible to localise.