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To combine the experience gained by fishermen after the 2004 tsunami and the inventions of marine experts to evolve strategies to save the lives and livelihood of fishermen and protect marine resources Jesuit Tsunami Service JTS will organise a threeday international conference at St. Thankfully the era when scientists and engineers sweated it out in the lab while clever businessmen made money out of their inventions appears to be drawing to a close as more and more academics themselves become entrepreneurs. He won the top national award for inventions and is also the recipient of the prestigious Alexander von Humboldt research award. The programme talks about new inventions around the world that will be an integral part of the future. The programme appreciating physics in everyday life a nationwide campaign to promote physics in India marks the observance of Albert Einstein his inventions and his influence on life in the 21st century. He said that while the present generation is enjoying the inventions of the previous generations posterity should also be able to enjoy the inventions of the present generation. A good number of engineering and IIT graduates from India were migrating to developed countries and taking part in so many inventions and developments. In the 18episode series starting February 20 it will be inventions that the National Innovation Foundation of the Union Department of Science and Technology and the Indian Institute of Science have hailed. Changing that notion that most breakthrough discoveries are only in the West he has on his list of inventions a pedal operated washing machine a tree climber a manual milking machine wind mill operated power generator and even a pomegranate peeling and deseeding machines.