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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
invention meaning in tamil is புனைவு

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Reddys invention is to excavate soil from a depth in the agricultural field and spreading it across the field after scraping away the topsoil to tackle the problem of depleted soil a perennial problem faced by the farmers in the country. The reason with the invention of photo copiers and the advent of the Internet the habit of going to the library and reading books has waned among students. Ashok Chandra said the development in the field is so fast that todays invention becomes outdated tomorrow. This romantic twist in the tale apart his invention is not only about the power of love but also about the greater power of imagination. While he was unable to come to Delhi because he was unwell his invention a bright orange bike was one of the highlights at a Discovery Channel press conference this past Wednesday. The ECG which since its invention has evolved as the basic diagnostic tool of cardiology is actually within the realm of the super speciality Electrocardiology. Sec 84 says that if the controller is satisfied that the patented invention is not available to the public at a reasonable price he may order the patentee to grant a licence upon such terms as he may deem fit. With no training in science they have just used the most powerful thrust there is to invention necessity. Yet the invention of an injection to kill mosquitoes is still the most enjoyed joke one should catch a mosquito and inject the medicine into it to kill it. Science Day The Regional Science Centre of the Andhra Pradesh Council of Science and Technology will organise several programmes on Tuesday to mark the National Science Day being observed to mark the invention of Raman effect.