invalid meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
invalid meaning in tamil is செல்லாத, காலாவதியான

invalid meaning in tamil with example

invalid tamil meaning and more example for invalid will be given in tamil.
The demand of physically challenged persons to get licence for their motorised threewheelers as invalid carriages remains a dream as automobile manufacturers and law refuse to listen to their grievances. Several applications of the kind are pending before the transport authorities even as a few have managed to get their vehicles registered as invalid carriages in the registration certificates. Binoy of Shanmughapuram Pachalam is one such applicant who is waiting for getting his vehicle registered as invalid carriage. One of the disability determination camps organised by Keltron recently in Kochi for the Kochi Corporation for providing support equipment witnessed heavy demand for motorised carriages from invalid persons. The Regional Transport officials are of the view that the law does not permit the registration of modified vehicles as invalid carriages. They are of the view that only those vehicles which are specifically designed and constructed and not merely adapted for the use of a person with disability can be treated as an invalid carriage. According to M.N. Prabhakaran Ernakulam Regional Transport Officer only those vehicles specifically made by automobile companies for the disabled can be registered invalid carriages. Meanwhile the telecom majors filed their counteraffidavits stating that Marksman had signed an unenforceable and invalid contract with the Pakistan Cricket Board and that it could not be enforced in India. These orders cannot be deemed invalid on the ground that they are vague or irrelevant or on the ground that the person to be detained is outside the territorial jurisdiction of the officer issuing the order.