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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
intrude meaning in tamil is இடைபுகு

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While the Left presence was traditionally confined to the plantation areas this strategy has helped Bijimol to intrude into the cash crop areas including the Peruvanthanam Kokkayar Upputhara and Kumily. Labour was all too ready to meddle intrude and boss about with one eyecatching initiative after another but it fell down on basic competence. We have also advised our fishermen not to intrude into the Sri Lankan waters as it might cause some confusion in the prevailing situation. But greater workplace diversity will certainly infuse a greater degree of vitality in the newsroom as wider varieties of lived experience intrude upon and clash with the largely urban rich forward caste Hindu certitudes of the overwhelming majority of journalists. In contrast to television coverage of the same events it does not intrude into the familys privacy. Civic officials said the boundary wall at the back of the Putherikandam Maidan had collapsed in places making it convenient for antisocial elements to intrude into the grounds. All the police stations in the forestdominated villages have been fortified with the deployment of additional forces while the police are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the Maoists do not intrude into the district from any side. The chatterati is transfixed by the controversy that comes at the expiry of a gentlemans accord under which newspapers had voluntarily agreed not to intrude too much into Prince Williams private life when he was at university. Justice Sabharwal said The framers of the Constitution have built a wall around certain parts of fundamental rights which have to remain for ever limiting the ability of the majority to intrude upon them.