introduction meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
introduction meaning in tamil is தொடக்கம்

introduction meaning in tamil with example

introduction tamil meaning and more example for introduction will be given in tamil.
The Chamber said the introduction of VAT had increased revenue collection considerably widened tax base and minimised the scope of corruption. With the introduction of the facility the marketing executives will collect required data on international steel market and convey their feedback to the management. Of his expectations he felt that introduction of a uniform civil code might be considered from the human rights angle though not from the political angle and it would stand to benefit human rights. The State Government favours introduction of English from first standard in all government schools Minister for Primary and Secondary Education R. Reddy said he is confident that the High Court stay order on medium of instruction will be vacated soon although it will have no direct bearing on the issue introduction of English as a subject from the first standard. Those demanding early introduction of English argue that studying a new language is more difficult in the higher classes and such students always are at a disadvantage while seeking admission to professional courses. Other suggestions included staggered timings for business houses and educational institutions different weekly offs in different places instead of uniform Sunday introduction of luxury coaches to places like Madhapur to wean away twowheeler and fourwheeler drivers etc. Similarly the alternative proposals under discussion include introduction of inheritance tax that is prevalent in some developed nations and broaden services tax base especially in IT enabled services.