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No change should be introduced without a rigorous debate that centrally involves its primary constituents. Infrastructure would be developed for tribal people and new schemes would be introduced to encourage their economic activities. Subsidy The resolution stated that the UGD scheme would be introduced at a cost of Rs. More than 62 per cent of the participating school students were from rural areas of whom 15 per cent were introduced to the latest technologies for the first time said G. Apart from providing some seating accommodation a token system has to be introduced to avoid public crowding at the counters. The scheme was introduced to give protection to farmers and farm labourers he said at a function held recently. It consists of training in four folk performing arts 151 devaraattam oyilaattam kazhiyalaattam 151 and the newly introduced maattu kombaattam 151 and modern theatrical techniques. Reforms cannot be introduced all of a sudden in the educational field but should be contemplated only after filling up of vacant posts. In his bid to modernise Turkey Kemal Attaturk kept religion out of the public sphere outlawed Dervish sects introduced the Latin alphabet purged Arabic and Persian words from Turkish and generally sought to erase any manifestation of an Eastern influence. Pension should be calculated on the basis of the last paydrawn instead of the recently introduced system of taking the average of last ten months salary. According to it the recently introduced rules are detrimental to interest of temples and should be withdrawn.