intolerance meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
intolerance meaning in tamil is சகிப்புதன்மையின்மை

intolerance meaning in tamil with example

intolerance tamil meaning and more example for intolerance will be given in tamil.
Singh said the present political scenario was shrouded in selfishness arrogance casteism intolerance and corruption and talked about elevating politics. Seshiah said the development of glucose intolerance during pregnancy had longterm consequence for children in the womb. A new Denmark has appeared a Denmark of intolerance and a deepseated belief in its cultural superiority. But his intolerance of anything thats detrimental to the world as he wants it becomes clear soon enough so bad restaurants had best keep out of his plate. Press in picture On the restrictions and sudden stoppage of live telecast of the mock Assembly by the security personnel he said It only shows their intolerance and arrogance. There are enough puritans around who are filled with intolerance and hatred towards those different from them. Whether or not the IIMs and IITs are forced to open their doors a little wider the new fashionable intolerance exhibited in these last few days should be a sobering experience for all of us. Islam which stood for tolerance peace and harmony and modernisation was being viewed in the West as a religion of militancy intolerance and extremism. Singh said the Ministers tone showed the intolerance of BJP leaders to criticism by other political parties of their partisan acts. Vani Mysore The article betrays intolerance towards those who question the wisdom and motive of reservation for OBCs. The ransacking of the NBA office in Vadodara in full view of television cameras with the local police standing by and the violent response to actor Aamir Khans show of solidarity with the NBA spotlight the ugly face of political intolerance and defiance of the rule of law in Gujarat.