intestine meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
intestine meaning in tamil is குடல்

intestine meaning in tamil with example

intestine tamil meaning and more example for intestine will be given in tamil.
A team of doctors at Niloufer Hospital for Women and Children on Friday performed a surgery to reposition the liver and intestine in a 10monthold boy who was born with the two vital organs protruding out of the stomach. Rahul was born with the rare abnormality known as Exomphalos Major which had at least 90 per cent of the liver and almost 30 per cent of the intestine sticking out of the stomach and covered with a very thin sack. If not corrected the liver and intestine would have kept growing with the child and apart from causing trauma could pose threat to life. In the second procedure called the malabsorption procedure the size of the stomach and the common channel leading to the intestine are reduced. The urea in his blood was 200 mg against the normal 40 mg because of obstructions in the small intestine caused by previous surgeries. The blocks were flushed out using a decompressor the affected part was removed and the intestine sutured back in a sixhour surgery. You need to teach them Greek and fast because they have got kayaking in the afternoon and the interactive What Does The Inside of My Intestine Look Like. The book titled Noiketra Mooligai Udaliyakka Maruthuvam gives details about various problems such as pains in joints diabetes skin ailments paralytic attack piles vision and intestine problems and offers cure for the same using herbs. However the bullets had also caused damage to the pancreas and some areas of the intestine and the inferior vena cava the vessel that drains blood from the lower limbs to the right side of the heart.