interruption meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
interruption meaning in tamil is இடஞ்ஜல்

interruption meaning in tamil with example

interruption tamil meaning and more example for interruption will be given in tamil.
The rule also said that if there were to be an interruption of more than 20 minutes there has to be a rematch. On a day when a sharp winter shower caused a threehour interruption and threw the programme out of gear Rupesh recovered from being down 15 to overpower the talented Yuki. Any kind of power interruption would affect the running of rail services and result in congestion of stations. The effect of power interruption on signal and communication network may affect rail services and passenger safety. The third unit unit3 of Vijayawada Thermal Power Station VTPS on Wednesday broke an allIndia record by running without any interruption for 407 days. Interruption Because of technical upgradation in CACT Exchange there will be interruption in service of 190 Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. The NTPCs Simhadri plant at Visakhapatnam also saved the situation by operating without interruption almost at its full capacity of 1000 MW. They said that the standing crops in certain mandals were on the verge of withering because of repeated interruption in power supply. Initially the aortic interruption was corrected with banding of the pulmonary artery to release lung pressure. The members gave a patient listening to the address and expect for once there was no interruption during the long speech. Kakodkar did not foresee any interruption in the fuel supplies but said the country would have corrective measures to deal with interruptions. The adalat will begin at 10 a.m. Complaints against defective bills wrong meter readings replacement of meters release of new services damages poles voltage problems and interruption in power supply will be attended during the programme.