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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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The courts should adopt a fresh and unconventional approach while interpreting provisions of law providing consumer justice. Are not judges chosen from the Bar on the basis of ability integrity and capacity for interpreting the law. Shetty said as part of the telemedicine link the hospital has installed ECG machines one each at the Mumbai airport at Nariman Point and the Air India clinic and started interpreting the ECG data here. However in a decontrolled environment interest policy has to a large extent been demystified it is now possible even for lay people to discern and even anticipate interest rate changes by interpreting important economic events such as the budget. While interpreting the Bhagavad Gita verse Understand the true nature of that knowledge by approaching illumined souls. The unscrupulous elements are trying to exploit loopholes in the judgement and by interpreting the court order in their own way are trying to ensure that things do not work according to the plan. If you were under the impression that court proceedings do not go beyond perusing case bundles interpreting statutes and laying down legal dictums think again. The author has given an enlightened rationale for adapting Islam and interpreting it to become compatible with the existing social conditions. The rigidity of the clergy should be combated by intellectuals by interpreting Islamic laws broadly as courts interpret common law in the light of the prevailing situation. Touching on the Indian debate about the validity of estimates she advised caution in interpreting data.