interpretation meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
interpretation meaning in tamil is மேல்விளக்கம்

interpretation meaning in tamil with example

interpretation tamil meaning and more example for interpretation will be given in tamil.
He struggles to legitimise adultery through comic narrative mode and ventures to give moralistic interpretation to it that betrays logic and reasoning. Though the cookies were dismantled this week and the NSA issued an apology on Wednesday the episode will add to pressure on the White House to engage in a national debate about its use of the agency and its interpretation of the constitutional limits on President George Bushs presidential powers. Secondly the Committee is yet to reach a final decision and we shall be making a presentation via our Ambassador of how we have dealt with this dossier including our interpretation of juridical texts. College professors will teach the fundamentals while IIM alumni will teach sections such as data interpretation and logical reasoning. A new interpretation of the Bible has cast Jesus Christ as a revolutionary fighting oppression in contemporary Africa. Enhanced imaging technologies may have led to increased expertise in interpretation of the disease but it has also pushed up the cost of cancer diagnosis Dr. It is this Article that has been given the widest interpretation by the Supreme Court and is used by courts to deliver compassionate judgments. The constitutional issue at stake is the interpretation of Article 121 1a so that the issue of judicial say over religious matters could be settled. Sri.Vinayananda Saraswati Swamiji of the Ramakrishna Ashrama who inaugurated the conference however had a different interpretation to laughter. Whatever may be the positive results of such judicial intervention and interpretation the ends do not justify the means he concludes.