intention meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
intention meaning in tamil is நோக்கம், எண்ணம், கருத்து

intention meaning in tamil with example

intention tamil meaning and more example for intention will be given in tamil.
Terming eyewash the assertion by the Congress and the JDS that they had forged an alliance after the Assembly elections with an intention of keeping the BJP out of power he said both parties have come together just for the sake of power and this was exemplified during the panchayat elections. Pointing out that the intention behind these directives was not at all to stop the practice of giving rewards in cases where work was exemplary nature the circular said it had been noticed that officers were not properly adhering to the rules before putting up proposals for rewards. Rosaiah clarified on Sundry that the Government had no intention of reintroducing user charges in Government hospitals for white ration cardholders. The fact that the cheaper option was retained indicates that the intention was to do a cheap cosmetic job leaving the major decontamination to Indian companies who would do it for a fraction of the cost. The prosecutor expressed the agencys intention to file an additional charge sheet in the case against Ms. The intention probably could have been to create commotion at the entrance barge into the auditorium and shoot people most of whom were eminent scientists the official said. The Governments intention is to exercise control over Hindu temples by appointing dharmadarshis board of trustees to religious institutions ignoring the repercussions they alleged. Chairman of the Mills A.S. Veeranna had announced the intention of the management to shift the mills to Andhra Pradesh in view of the encouragement given to the textile mills there under the new textile policy.