intense meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
intense meaning in tamil is தீவிரமான

intense meaning in tamil with example

intense tamil meaning and more example for intense will be given in tamil.
The Government referred the project to the Planning Commission for its comments but in the face of intense opposition from civil society the scheme was put on hold and the loan application to the World Bank withdrawn. I believe Venus intense love for animals and sensitivity towards their plight became my dream which fortunately also later became a profession for me says Vivek. To ensure that it is not left behind in the intense war between private mobile operators to attract more and more subscribers in the Capital Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited has decided to roll out 10lakh new connections every fiscal for the next four years starting April 2006. For further business growth ensuring better customer service and to withstand intense competition PNB has reorganised its zonal structure leading to establishment of seven additional zonal offices. Tomasky claims public institutions such as the Times are constrained by intense scrutiny from rightwing blogs. Air road traffic hit Chandigarh Two persons died due to cold in Bathinda and Amritsar as intense chill gripped most places in Punjab and surrounding areas. After the break Christmas at home at Peravoor Kerala it is time for an intense period of training again said Bobby. The conflict over natural resources has never been so intense as in the 21st century and can only be expected to become worse. Two persons died in Mahoba and one each in Hardoi Mainpuri and Bareilly district overnight due to intense chill police sources said.