intelligent meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
intelligent meaning in tamil is புத்திசாலி

intelligent meaning in tamil with example

intelligent tamil meaning and more example for intelligent will be given in tamil.
In the U.S. intelligent design ID the creationist alternative to natural selection became a significant political force but suffered a setback in a courtroom in small town Dover Pennsylvania in November. The intelligent components can readily respond to ensure safety help maintain safe distance from the forerunning vehicle prevent accidents ensure fuel efficiency control tailpipe emissions communicate status of the vehicle and potential preventive options to the driver said K. He said India had great potential to produce intelligent equipment that could be installed in vehicles along with sensors to detect changes and communicate them to the drivers. Last year three scholars published a paper Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence in which they argued that Ashkenazi Jews were considerably more intelligent than other Europeans because their history of moneylending and other financial occupations favoured genes associated with cleverness. Prabhakaran Nair agricultural scientist has called for intelligent management of soil resources in the State. Nair former Professor National Chair of the Science Foundation Royal Society Belgium and currently Senior Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Germany said there should be a revolutionary change in mindset on agriculture centred on intelligent management of soil resources. The solution I believe lies in the selective introduction of private capital into the educational system in the intelligent application of technology and in the customisation of education to local needs and 151 through the power of technology 151 to the individual.