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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
integrity meaning in tamil is ஒருமைப்பாடு

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But it is significant to note that whenever there is a threat to national unity and integrity the people of all cultural hues come together forgetting their differences he said. The Bill provides for greater powers to State and the Centre for taking effective measures to suppress communal violence perpetrated on such a scale which threatens the secular fabric unity and integrity of the nation. The BJP leader also questioned the integrity of the Government in abruptly increasing the discharge capacity of Budameru Drain at Vijayawada. The Readers Editor can refer to the external ombudsman should the newspaper decide to appoint one any substantial grievances or matters whereby The HolyIndias journalistic integrity has been called into question. The online event comprises challenging problems and intriguing questions on various topics of VLSI design such as Behavioural modelling Mixed signal RF Signal Integrity issues Low power Signal Processing HardwareSoftware Co design and so on. Lahoti said excellence consists of initiative intelligence industry integrity and an unobtrusive personality. Having run the institution successfully for 40 years the Provincial which renewed the 10year contract two years ago decided to end its association with the BHEL since the latter had cast aspersions on its integrity in managing the institution. The two principal depositories NSDL and CDSL though escaping direct blame have been asked to assume greater responsibility in the interest of investors and integrity of the markets.