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Bunraku is today treasured as a precious historical performing art and has even been designated by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation as a masterpiece of oral and intangible heritage. Intellectual Property Right as per Section 6555a means any right to intangible property namely trademarks designs patents or any other similar intangible property under any law for the time being in force but does not include copyright. It seems to be driven largely by the hypothetical geopolitical and other intangible gains including being recognised as a nuclear weapons state that the Government expects by getting admitted into the U.S. tent. The museum has also given emphasis to recording the oral tradition of the groups including myths legends folk tales folk songs folk dances folk music and folk arts for the preservation of the intangible heritage of South Indian communities Mr. India will be a signatory to UNESCO conventions on promotion of cultural diversity and intangible heritage Secretary to the Ministry of Culture Government of India Neena Ranjan said in Mysore on Wednesday. Similiarly India will also ratify the UNESCO convention for safeguarding intangible heritage which is expected to come into force from April 2006. However a couple of countries including the U.S. and Australia had reservations on signing the UNESCO convention for safeguarding of intangible heritage she said. She said India will shortly sign the UNESCO convention on safeguarding of intangible heritage that binds its party States to take necessary measures to ensure safeguarding of their cultural heritage.