instigate meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
instigate meaning in tamil is தூண்டிவிடு

instigate meaning in tamil with example

instigate tamil meaning and more example for instigate will be given in tamil.
A senior source said that the report contained no evidence that the Mets leadership had tried to instigate a coverup. He said the Deputy Chief Minister has clarified that the portrait has not been removed from his chamber but the Congress continues to instigate the protest through different organisations. He should be dealt with in a manner that discourages leaders from making inflammatory statements to instigate people. A bandh call is an occasion for vested interests to instigate violence and perhaps that is what the perpetrators of the blasts wanted. Perpetrators of such crimes should be given exemplary punishment he says adding that attempts to politicise such incidents and instigate the people should be condemned. It is unnecessary to create panic by projecting the yettobelaunched yatra as a conspiracy to instigate violence. He said functionaries of political parties should strictly follow the model code of conduct and campaigners should not instigate communal religious and linguistic feelings or make references to the personal life of the candidates during the electioneering. The proposed Bharat Suraksha Yatra of the BJP leader L.K. Advani which is set to crisscross Rajasthan was an issue of concern in the State Assembly on Wednesday with the Opposition Congress members expressing anxiety over its potential to instigate trouble and disturb law and order. Chief Minister Jayalalithaa was trying to gain sympathy by accusing the Opposition of planning to instigate violence in the State Pattali Makkal Katchi founder S.Ramadoss said here on Sunday.