instead meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
instead meaning in tamil is ௮தன் காரணமாக

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instead tamil meaning and more example for instead will be given in tamil.
Urging the children to go to schools instead of factories he pointed out that the Government had been implementing many schemes to educate them. Hence it urged the Chief Minister not to extend the scheme to the Roman Catholic churches and instead provide essential commodities to orphanages student hostels and homes for children aged handicapped and visually impaired run by the church. 151 That opening ceremonies are made illegal and the millions budgeted are spent instead on impoverished deserving athletes who wonder where their first pair of spikes is coming from. In many places instead of government employees AIADMK functionaries distributed token to the undeserved. Mr. The operator instead of heeding the advice withdrew the connections thinking that the viewers have no other choice but to give in to his demands. She rejected the archdioceses claim that applying federal law instead of church law could violate its First Amendment right to religious freedom by disrupting the internal governance of the church. A nuisance said Justice Sutherland may be merely a right thing in the wrong place like a pig in the parlour instead of the barnyard. All have diverse interest various desires and conflicting needs which grow and change day by day. Introduction of the package from this month on the part of the authorities is sort of leapfrogging of activities instead of merely looking at poverty eradication as socioeconomic upliftment. The former Water Resources Minister T.M. Jacob MLA has protested against holding the inaugural function of the Augmentation Project of the Kerala Water Authority for Thripunithura Municipality and nearby panchayats at Thripunithura instead of at Thiruvankulam.