install meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
install meaning in tamil is கருவியைப் பொருத்துதல்

install meaning in tamil with example

install tamil meaning and more example for install will be given in tamil.
The Government was working out the logistics to allow manufacturers to install equipment and collect nominal fee for specialised diagnostics from affordable sections. Both the State and Central Governments should come together to remove the temple from its present location and install somewhere else. Infrastructure If the BSNL was allowed to install the necessary infrastructures in mobile phone sector as many as 14 lakh aspirants now waitlisted could be served without delay. With the KSIE sticking to its stand that it would not allow to install AIs new Xray machine the matter was taken up with AI Chairman and Managing Director V. The court recorded the submission of the Advocate General that taking note of the present situation the Government was contemplating issue of a fresh notification making it mandatory for certain class of heavy vehicles including tipper lorries to install speed governors. The district administration has decided to install a highmass light at Thirparappu Falls at a cost of Rs.3 lakh. She appealed to the President to intervene and direct the authorities of the temple to install wooden ramps for wheelchairs inside the temple and earmark a separate entrance for physically challenged persons. The authorities concerned should install ramps at educational institutions gardens historical places railway stations bus stands government and private offices museums malls hotels apartment buildings and hospitals she pointed out. Further the district administration announced that time extension to install RO plants did not mean that untreated effluents could be discharged into the drains.