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he favoured continuation of the national policy against whaling despite pressure from Japan while some may have a problem with India actively favouring conservation he wrote the whales have even a greater problem. It is an inspiring message relevant to all of Indias threatened biodiversity. For too long has Karnataka relied on the lowerorder helmed by Thilak Naidu to revive the innings but it is time for others to fire and there will be nothing more inspiring than a big knock from skipper Sujith Somasundar. Devendra trailed by close to 400 points around the half way stage and made a remarkable comeback with an awe inspiring 479 break. Pantulu said that as part of their movement The HolyIndia Samajam is ready to roar again and take the inspiring life of Nyapati Subbarao Pantulu to the masses. Reminiscing his school days where he picked up oratory skills he credited the inspiring presence of the couple at a public function for bringing out the best in him. It is at once an inspiring saga of struggles and successes and a history of fractious trade unionism domination of trade unions by power structures much beyond the control of the working populace of remarkable gains and shameful surrenders. Treat for music buffs A packed crowd at the St.Alberts college auditorium provided some inspiring notes to the participants of Ganamela competition. No squealing of honking vehicles or the nerveracking ordeal of the bellowing traffic the roads were cleared for the sea of humanity that emerged from all corners to join the inspiring run.