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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
inspector meaning in tamil is கண்காணிப்பாளர்

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They alleged that Narayanpet excise inspector Amir Ali and his subordinates had assaulted cameraman Krishna at Narayanpet on Friday evening when he tried to shoot Amir Ali reportedly taking bribe from toddy tappers of Ujjelli village. Philip also the Deputy Inspector General of Police Tiruchi Range said training was being imparted to the Friends of Police members on community policing in districts coming under the Tiruchi range. The gang was nabbed by a police team led by Assistant Commissioner of Police Shanghumughom Sarajan Circle Inspector Pettah S. One was the suspension of police officials following the custodial death of Udayakumar and second was the action of Inspector General Sen Kumar against a police official during an action against students. It is not yet known what transpired between them but the husband and wife had an argument soon after guests left the place Inspector Bhadreshwar said. An apparently depressed Nagajyotsna asked her husband if he wanted to have dinner but the latter said he did not feel like having and slept the Inspector explained. But unfortunately three senior journalists missed out on the action only because a police officer Inspector Giri Raj who was manning the VIP Gate did not know that the invitations issued by Max Mueller Bhavan with holograms were as good as tickets. The system of patrolling neighbourhoods announced by City Police Commissioner Ajai Kumar Singh will involve a group of 25 to 30 residents and a team of police officers headed by an assistant sub inspector or head constable.