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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
insignia meaning in tamil is முத்திரை

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Mahalingam industrialist presenting the birudu and insignia of Sangeetha Kalanidhito Vidwan M. Just as the curtain came down on the 79th annual conference and concerts of the Music Academy on Sunday five renowned vidwans were honoured with Birudus and insignia for their contribution to Carnatic music. Mahalingam who presided over the sadas handed over the Birudu and insignia of Sangeetha Kalanidhi the most prestigious award of the academy to M. This obfuscated view of the national insignia atop the Vidhana Soudha seems to symbolise the fading interest in administrative matters in the vast corridors of the magnificent edifice in these days of political brinkmanship. Colour presentation will be conducted by one of the members of the eastern fleet wherein an insignia will be presented ceremonially to the President on February 13. The elegant pack with sun insignia painted on its lid contained a bottle and four packets of scented gulal from Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje. Royal insignia The old beauties include a Rolls Royce and a Fiat with the Nizams dastar on the bonnet and his insignia engraved on the door. Royal symbol The arch sporting the insignia of the Travancore monarchs will be strengthened without any modification to the structure project officials said. Earlier he reviewed the parade and took the salute and presented the DirectorGenerals Insignia and Commendation to seven RPF personnel for their meritorious service. On display The museum boasts of insignia worn by peons who were entrusted with the job of serving summons.