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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
inscription meaning in tamil is கல்வெட்டு

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Archaeologist Iravatha Mahadevan referred to the oldest Jain inscription found in Tamil Nadu and said Jain inscriptions found inside caves that are natural formations are plain and not decorated such as the inscriptions of the Pallava period. He indicated the possibilities of inscription found at Shravanabelagola having a link with the Indus Valley civilisation. According to a 16th Century inscription at Shravanabelagola when a pilgrim visited the place he was wonderstruck and enchanted with the beauty of the spot. While the oldest rock inscription dates back to 6th century AD the most recent inscription dates back to 16th century. Using toughened extra clear glass to cover every rock inscription is not advisable as it will take away from their aesthetic value he added. The text of each inscription is preceded by a short summary and information from prior publications along with details of the inscription including its location date and the name of the king who ruled during that period. An inscription found on the base of the Parshwanath statue refers to kings of the Rattarasa clan of the 10th Century. The Archaeological Survey of India ASI Chennai Circle had earlier found a 10th century A.D. inscription in Tamil that mentioned the donation by a king from Sumatra Sri Vijaya Maharaja of land to a Siva temple at Kolapakkam. Rajavelu epigraphist ASI had recently found that the third inscription belonged to Sri Vijaya Maharaja a king from Sumatra and that it was issued in his eighth regnal year.